About Us

Connor is an aspiring filmmaker and journalist at the University of Souther California. He loves the word buckarooo and will only respect and respond to you if you address him as such. He also loves and collects beanies that don't really fit his head all the way. Connor wants to watch more movies and share his experiences in film which is why he decided to start this very website (nice!). His dream is to make a documentary series in which he investigates and reveals the secret recipes from every fast food joint in the industry. Follow his antics and other achievements over on twitter: @cnr_lng.

Adam is also an aspiring filmmaker and writer at Cleveland State University. He loves movies and spends almost all his time watching them. When he isn't at a theater you can find him snacking on coconut chips, playing Overwatch, on twitter, or writing articles for this very site. Adam seeks to understand and better articulate what films and film as a whole means to him and uses this website as a creative outlet for that very thing. Adam's dream is to somehow bring his very secret (no telling) passion project to life in stunning fashion with the help of his friends. Follow his twitter to see some of the incredibly dumb takes and experiences he has on film: @AdamYIssa.