Adam's Mega Movie Journal for the Week of 1/29/18-2/4/18

This journal is going to be a pretty informal collection of my thoughts on pretty much whatever I want about the week. But seeing as how all I do is watch movies, play games, and stay up to date on the movie news it will almost always be centered on cinema. To begin I saw 3 new movies this week, most of them were pretty damn bad (two of them were Netflix movies, so go figure). On top of that I watched Heat twice this week and rewatched Fury Road again while adjusting my TV settings. All in all I was pretty happy with what I saw this week (I should probably watch Heat a few more time though). In movie news there was definitely a lot to look at especially with Super Bowl Sunday trailers and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Before I get to all the good stuff I wanted to address Uma Thurman's piece in the New York Times and say that it truly disturbed me to hear what she had to go through not only at the hands of Harvey Weinstein but also Quentin Tarantino. She's incredibly brave for speaking out and enlightening us all on the truth of her situation which was one full of suffering but also bravery on her part. It also made me look back at Tarantino and how he wrote the character of The Bride in his films. While Thurman brings her strength and complete badassery to life flawlessly the way Tarantino treats that character (on and off screen) is pretty messed up. He deals in suffering and pain of all kinds and I'm currently not a fan of his and have no excitement or hype about his next movie. The next thing was we got a really great poster this week from "The First Purge" check it out:

I love the first poster because it is so incredibly minimalistic yet it's message packs a punch and gets me excited for a movie that I know probably won't even be that good. This is just a damn great poster that says what it needs to say incredibly succinctly and that's why it's great. The Mute poster on the other hand is just really cool looking, it gives a really good feel for the aesthetic of the movie, which looks really damn great, and I love the visual of the main character standing in the middle of the neon mouth thing. The movie itself, which we got a trailer for this week, looks great. Duncan Jones appears to be back in "Moon" form and I can't wait for the 23rd to get here.

I'm writing this later than I usually would so I can see the super bowl trailers and so far I have not been disappointed. I was really worried about Solo but not anymore, that movie looks really really really good and I am hyped for the full trailer tomorrow. The Jurassic World trailer looked really lame, Skyscraper was whatever, the Avengers Trailer was really just a collection of tiny clips that said nothing, and The Quiet Place has my interest piqued. Cloverfield is gonna be out later tonight so I'll have a review out tomorrow, but I'm very excited to watch it. But the standout for me is Mission Impossible: Fallout, this movie looks like some next level action and I'm so excited for it. The action looks absolutely wild (and practical!), the story seems pretty interesting, and Henry Cavill looks like he can take off someone's head. I have always loved the Mission Impossible films and this looks like a really great entry to the franchise that I can't wait to see.


That'll be all for me this week. Have a great week and see some movies. I'll leave you with this as motivation, until next time.