Adam's Mega Movie Journal for the Week of 2/11/18-2/18/18

Another week, more movie news. Welcome back to my journal where I just wax about movies and other things pop culture. This week was pretty slow in terms of everything other than "Black Panther." Speaking of "Black Panther," it is, as of now, slated to have the 5th highest opening weekend EVER. That is honestly insane and I'm so happy because a movie this good deserves all the money in the world (I've seen it three times in three days and plan on seeing it more). It's simply a masterpiece (read my review if you haven't ;))and I gain more appreciation for it every time, other than that god-awful CG. I just don't understand how "War for the Planet of the Apes" has me believe that there are real apes on screen and "Black Panther" has rhinos that look like they are from an Xbox 360 game. But still it's a masterful blockbuster and I'm excited to see it again. I was also able to get one of the very few Mondo posters for the film and that has me very very excited.

Messages Image(688110828).png

In terms of news, there wasn't a ton of earth-shattering stuff this week. Ryan Murphy signed a $300 Million five year deal with Netflix which is good for Netflix and ensures that they will have some really great TV in the near future. This is a pretty big blow to every other streaming service as Murphy has proved time and time again that he is one of the most consistently great voices in TV and a very smart move by Netflix to snatch him up. Also, that's a nice large paycheck for Murphy so good for him. The next piece of news that caught my eye was that Robert Eggers' (director of "The Witch") next movie "The Lighthouse" has found its stars in Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. This is supremely exciting as Eggers produced one of the most interesting and atmospheric horror movies I've ever seen with his last outing and adding two of the best working actors only gets me more excited for his next film (having A24 in your corner also helps). In other news, Star Wars Episode IX has hired the art director from "Blade Runner 2049" which is very exciting. Lastly, the "Transformers" franchise is getting a reboot after this year's "Bumblebee" which is great for us. We deserve a fun and well-made "Transformers" and with this reboot, we move one step closer to it. Let's just hope they do a better job this time.

There were three major trailers this week but only two of the movies got posters. So check them out:

Ready Player One.jpg
Incredibles 2 Poster.jpeg

Let's start with the "Ready Player One" trailer and poster. The poster is great, I really like the 80s vibe to it and it's just a well-composed and designed poster (it verges on overly busy). The trailer is also a lot of fun and shows that Spielberg isn't holding anything back. This movie looks huge and insane in the best way possible, its got every character from everything (Iron Giant!) and a fight scene with them all in it. SIGN ME UP PLEASE! I'm really excited for this movie because it looks like a total joy ride with an interesting story and with Spielberg making his return to giant blockbusters it's hard to blame me. The next poster/trailer is for "Incredibles 2" which looks really great. I still think all these sequels from Pixar are worrying (an article on that later this week), but it's hard to get too angry at this movie when it looks this good. The poster is whatever, but the trailer is great. The animation looks incredible and so does the story. Having Mr. Incredble have to play parent as Mrs. Incredible saves the world is a stroke of genius and seeing some of the shenanigans he gets into with his children looks hilarious. Brad Bird shows that he hasn't missed a beat after his misfire with "World of Tomorrow" and that makes me so happy. June 15 can't get here fast enough. The last trailer was for "Rampage" and this one actually surprised me. I was not a fan of the first trailer at all but this one actually looks like it could be a bit fun. A big, dumb, and harmless blockbuster that knows what it is is never really a bad thing. Plus, I'm cool with watching a giant gorilla punch a bunch of stuff if the action is done well. So here's hoping that this movie turns into something that's somewhat fun and not just overly serious and/or overly stupid.

Other than that the only tidbit that I want to touch on is that Shane Black's "The Predator" movie got pushed back a month :(. All in all, it was a quiet week and I was afforded the luxury to just bask in the glory and greatness of "Blac Panther" and everything related to its astounding success (like the fact that Okoye is the most badass character in the Marvel universe and she will for sure end up defeating Thanos).

Ready Player One Irong Giant.jpg

That's all for me this week. Annihilation comes out this week so get pumped. I hope everyone has a great week and ends up seeing "Black Panther" if you haven't (or if you have, seeing it again). If you need a pick me up, watch the "Solo" trailer set to "I'm Han Solo."

2018 movies seen so far: 24