Adam's Mega Movie Journal for the Week of 2/18/18-2/25/18

Well, February flew by pretty damn quickly. With this officially being the last full week of February I think I should celebrate by looking back at one of the months best releases. I will also be looking forward to the stacked March that lies ahead (mostly because there weren't any big trailers this week). The very specific film I wanted to talk about that released in February is "Annihilation." Connor is doing the official review for the site so I thought I'd touch on what I think of the film and what it's box office tells us about the state of sci-fi. Firstly, I think "Annihilation" is another masterpiece from Alex Garland. It's terrifying and beautiful (often times simultaneously) and has been completely occupying my headspace since I saw it days ago. I plan on seeing this incredible film a few more times to parse some of the answers from its enigmatic shell. I also love that it is completely comfortable with not giving away everything in such an obvious manner, it adds to its allure and rewatchability (something I'm very excited to do).

There isn't a ton of interesting news so I'd like to instead focus on box office. "Black Panther" continues it's historic (and well-deserved) box office run with another stellar week and weekend. It is now the highest grossing Marvel film in its first week and has recorded the second highest second weekend ever. With the movie grossing $700 million worldwide (over $400 million domestic) this weekend, it is doing insane business and I'm incredibly happy for it, I'm starting to think that "Infinity War" might not even make as much money as "Black Panther" but time will probably humiliate me (probably). But it's not all good times and happiness at the box office as "Annihilation" only managed to pull in about $10 Million this weekend (only 10% of "Black Panther's" take THIS weekend). It has been a recent trend in regards to the poor performance of hard sci-fi films and I'm not gonna lie but it hurts my heart to see these absolutely incredible films flounder at the Box Office. Why aren't people interested in seeing the most interesting films that come out? Obviously, I can't speak for the rest of the year but I'd be surprised if anything came close to achieving the mystery and beauty of "Annihilation." I now completely understand why Paramount sold the international rights to Netflix (even though this film looks fucking incredible on the big screen). I commend Paramount for being a studio that sticks behind their filmmakers and the interesting visions they create and I hope this doesn't deter them from creating high-quality films like "Annihilation." I beg any person who reads this to go see the masterpiece that is "Annihilation," you will not be disappointed.


In honor of March, I'm just going to quickly break down what's coming out by what I'm most anticipating: 

Most Anticipated: "Ready Player One": Spielberg's return to blockbusters? Sign me up, please. "A Wrinkle in Time": While I haven't been blown away by the footage, I have immense trust in director Ava DuVernay. "Isle of Dogs": Do I even need to explain this one? "Red Sparrow": Apparently this movie is very good so I'm excited. "Love, Simon": This movie looks funny, emotional, and most of all uplifting. "Gringo": This just looks like a fun action-comedy romp. "Best F(r)iends": Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are back! Let's goooooooo!

Less Anticipated: "Death Wish": This looks like the most tone-deaf thing in history. "Tomb Raider": What even is this movie? "7 Days in Entebbe": Another drama about the cyclical nature of violence in the Middle-East that has no insight or sheds light on anything about the nature of the region? Pass.

Other than that, there isn't much else I'd like to talk about. Except the "Bond 25" director situation. This week there was a rumor that Danny Boyle was the frontrunner to direct the next James Bond and all I can say to that is *raspberry*. Please don't let him get his all too kinetic and stylish hands on Bond. He is all wrong for the character, getting Villeneuve or McKenzie would be much better choices (both rumored to be on the shortlist). They are closer to what the character needs and would be able to deliver a film that is more in the vein of "Skyfall" (which is what we all want anyway). Please don't screw this movie up MGM, Daniel Craig deserves a proper send-off to his historic error as the 007.

Daniel Craig Bond.jpg

That's all for me this week. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and winds up catching Annihilation on the big screen at some point. Enjoy this wonderful trailer for Tommy Wiseau's new film which will be in theaters for only a few days at the end of this month.