Adam's Mega Movie Journal for the Week of 2/25/18-3/4/18

This one is all about the Oscars. I just wanted to break down what I found disappointing and what I saw as truly groundbreaking and extraordinary at this years Academy Awards. So let's just dive right into it with what made me sad and mad during the nearly 4-hour awards show. Firstly, the snubs and what really saddened me about this years Oscars. I think the biggest snub of the year is WETA's work on "War for the Planet of the Apes" not be recognized for a third time when they are clearly breaking new ground and innovating in ways nobody else has been in the industry. It's one of the largest oversights that I can remember in Academy history. Although it is hard to argue with how great "Blade Runner 2049" does look and I'm pretty elated it got some recognition.

The other huge snub that really hit home was Original Score. I knew that Johnny Greenwood had zero shot of winning the Oscar but still, how do you not reward that complete and utter masterpiece of a score? It blows my mind that something so perfect can go so ignored by such a large body of people. There was nothing that added to the tone, atmosphere, and overall quality of the film like Greenwood's score did to "Phantom Thread." Other than that there weren't any super visible/unexpected snubs last night but there was one big surprise.

OSCAR WINNER JORDAN PEELE. I'm just gonna type it again cause it feels so damn good. OSCAR WINNER JORDAN PEELE. The cynical part of me had me convinced that McDounagh was gonna take home Original Screenplay. But than the clouds parted and some higher being saw it right and just to award the truly deserving with this award. Congratulations to Jordan for crafting an excellent, original, terrifying, and hilarious script that has no brought him his first of hopefully many Oscars. But that's not the only reason this award is important, it has finally cast away all doubt in my mind that the Academy is a renewed and refreshed group of people who are much more in touch with the culture and what we have grown to love and enjoy. Which will hopefully lead to much more satisfying and enjoyable films being nominated in the near future.

Now to the true biggest winner of the night: Deakins and Del Toro. Deakins because FUCKING FINALLY THE ACADEMY HAS AWARDED THE ACTUAL GREATEST CINEMATOGRAPHER TO HAVE EVER LIVED. This isn't up for debate or consideration either, it was ridiculous that it took this long and I'm so happy that he got awarded for his absolutely stunning display of artistry and craft in "Blade Runner 2049." Del Toro was also in a similar position, he's now recognized as an Oscar winning director and has made a Best Picture winner. It honestly couldn't have happened to a better person in my opinion, while I may have liked some of the other films more, I like no singular person more than I do Guillermo Del Toro. He is a force for good and unbridled creativity and imagination, hopefully this allows him to do whatever his boundless imagination dreams up next. I'm so truly ecstatic for him and just want him to keep pushing onward with his incredible career. I love you Guillermo. (But seriously look at this picture. How can you not just adore every fiber of his being.)

Guillermo my love.jpg

It's a short one this week guys. I'll be back next week to talk news and poster and all that great stuff. But until then, have a wonderful week and go see some movies! (Here's some great tunes to get you through the week.)