Adam's Mega Movie Journal for the Week of 4/1/18-4/8/18

I'm back! After an absence, I can now return to this weekly entry with new energy and commitment. But it's going to take a second to get back into my groove so this will be a short one. I'm gonna touch on one movie today and then I will bow out and make sure I focus on making all this content as great as I physically am able. But lets cut to the chase, I bet you are wondering, "What movie could I be talking about? What on earth will we be speaking about today?!?!" Well surprise surprise it's a pretty small movie titled "Solo" (you probably haven't heard of it). As you may know, Disney and Lucasfilm have released a new trailer and poster for the upcoming film. Take a look at the the poster:

That poster looks pretty cool, its nothing special but it isn't terrible either (which is rare among modern blockbusters). But the more pressing thing talk about is the trailer and the new influx of footage we have for this Star Wars Story. With every behind the scenes drama that has happened with this movie you'd expect this movie to look like a piece of crap, but credit to either the actual quality of this movie or the genius of the marketing team this is a good trailer.

It has a lot of fun and cool looking footage that actually has me quite excited to watch this movie come May 25th. The train heist depicted in the trailer looks inventive, fun, and unique. But nothing has me more excited than three of the characters that we saw a lot more of in this trailer. Chewbacca, L2, and Lando look to be the real stars of the show. Alden Ehrenreich looks to be a capable Han, but the Chewie's badassery will not go unnoticed by me. The moment in the trailer where he slams the guys head into the ground was insanely hype (he also had the funniest bits in the trailer). L2 seems like a sassy droid version of Valkyrie from "Thor: Ragnarok" (which is a phenomenal thing). But most importantly, Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian is about to steal this entire movie from everyone. He looks charming, sly, clever, suave, and just the right amount of shady. No matter what happens with this movie Lando will for sure be a highlight.

Speaking of quality we may have an interesting turn in the narrative for this film. Lucasfilm have lined up a May 15th Cannes premiere for the much derided "Solo". Yes you read that right, the freaking Cannes Film Festival, no matter what you think about this movie its mere involvement with the festival adds prestige to its release narrative (something it desperately needs). All in all, I'm warming up to this film despite all the negative buzz around it, I hope it comes out well (no matter what I'm a Star Wars fan and always want to see more great and varied stuff in the universe).

But that will wrap it up for me this week. Expect a much more through and long journal next week. But in the meantime have a great week (it's my birthday this week)! I have more quality content coming soon hopefully (video games related (: ). Until then go see "Blockers" (it is amazing) and stay safe. You are all the very best and I thank you for your continued support and patience with me and my content going forward. Make sure you check out the Solo trailer!

Movie Count for 2018: 50