Winchester Review

More like Losechester, amiright????

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I'm honestly kind of amazed at how not scary, uninspired, and downright boring this movie is, especially with all the talent involved. It bills itself as a haunted house movie, but the biggest problem is that the house and film have no atmosphere whatsoever (that is on top of the rancid script, terrible story, lame villain, placid direction, the lack of any real scares, the fact that there is a completely obvious and terrible jumpscare every 20 seconds, and just about everything else). It's especially dissappointing when you have two actors as talented as Dame Helen Mirren and Jason Clarke in the lead roles, but not even they can salvage this utter mess of a film that never scratches anything past the surface. Which is especially disappointing as this could have served as a very interesting film about the horrors of guilt and responsibility in regards to being apart of the weapons industry and being a huge cog in the cycle of violence in America. Rather the film settles for a generic and incredibly boring film about ghosts and ghouls that will have you looking at your watch before the first act is over.

Al Pacino Rating:

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