When We First Met Review


Recently there has been an influx of movies that copy "Groundhog Day" and put their own spin on it. Whether it was "Naked" or "Happy Death Day", they have failed to even come close to capturing any of the humor, desperation, or charm that "Groundhog Day" did. "When We First Met" is no different as it flounders from beginning to end in a feeble attempt to make the audience laugh. The film follows Noah (Adam Devine), a real piece of shit dude, as he tries to go back in time to make the girl he loves to fall in love with him. The problem is the movie gives us no reason to care about Noah because he acts like a douchebag with no redeeming moments throughout the film.

Everything he does is motivated by how he thinks the girl he is chasing, pretty creepily, will react He isn't even a person, in the sense that he has a singular want, the girl, that isn't even brought to life on screen that well. Yes, Alexandra Daddario is very attractive and charming actress, but there are no sparks between her and Adam Devine to convince the audience that we want to see them together. This movie is poorly written and completely unfunny in every way as it goes from scenario to scenario with less and less life each time. The film just gets so monotonous and boring by the 25-minute mark that I just wish it didn't exist. There's really nothing good about the film at all other than maybe Adam DeVine being sort of charming at one point (I think?). Thankfully this movie will soon fade into the black waters of Netflix's backlog, but it did make me ponder one incredibly important question: can we kill the "Groundhog Day' copycat films already (with the exception of "Edge of Tomorrow)?

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