Peter Rabbit Review

I really just want to get this review over with so I don't have to think about this movie anymore.

Holy fuck this movie is terrible. Like it boggles my mind how a movie that should just be a harmless and completely innocent film for children became this sick, twisted trash heap that glorifies cruelty and pain with such nonchalance it had me worried for the children in the theater. 

Peter Rabbit follows Peter the Rabbit and his family as they torture and attack Domnhall Gleeson over and over again until he loses his mind. It is at this point in the movie that all the rabbits and other animals laugh at him and also try to kill him be feeding him blackberries (he's allergic). This scene where Gleeson grabs his throat in misery as it begins to swell up and he is forced to use an EpiPen on himself is not the only scene in the film of its kind. This movie is made up almost entirely of mean-spirited and cruel actions that are put into play by the rabbits as they seek to get access to a garden when there are miles and miles of countryside around them.

Not only that but there are so many self-aware jokes that it makes you question any authenticity in the film. I've never seen a movie so "self-aware" that doesn't know what the hell it is. This is for children, not some sick masochist freak who likes watching a rabbit attempt to break up a relationship because said rabbit loves the girl (yes this actually is the plot).

"Peter Rabbit" is just so unnecessarily meanspirited that it makes you wonder how it even got made. The film is even more of a disappointment when compared to "Paddington 2" which showed that a film of this variety can be truly great in its own right. But rather than strive for that "Peter Rabbit" settles for electrocuting humans and celebrating Sam Niel getting a heart attack. How could something this easy to get right go so very wrong? This is absoutley the worst film of 2018 so far.

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