Double Lover Review

Provocative can only get you so far.

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"Double Lover" is a movie that I don't really know how to explain. While the film starts off pretty straightforward it for sure doesn't end that way. The film starts with our main character Chloe seeking mental help for her stomach pains after being told by other doctors that it's in her head. She goes to a psychologist named Paul and soon falls in love with him. What follows is some weird trippy twin stuff and a lot of very explicit sex that is equal parts provocative, intriguing, and confusing.

To start I'd like to note that this film is really gorgeous. There's a clean, yet evocative nature to the camera work that really suits the style of the film on top of some incredible composition and creative shot choices. One of the first shots of the film left me stunned for a few minutes and instantly locked me into the film. Nothing quite matches up to the first shot, but the film is still a visual feast and thoroughly enjoyable in that regard (the way mirrors are used is especially excellent). The performances are also quite good from the two leads, Marine Vacth and Jérémie Renier, who are able to build two very different kind of emotional and sexual chemistry that sell the film's twin aspect. But when we get into the twin stuff, that is where the film sort of falls apart.

"Double Lover" doesn't really have a story that makes any sense. The film functions more to create provocative and erotic sequences that do work but the picture never coalesces into something greater. The erotic sequences are very well done and absorb you into this world of pure lust and confusion in a provocative and fascinating way (take notes 50 shades). While viewing the film I didn't really seem to mind until I got to the end and realized that none of it made any of sense. While there was atmosphere and energy in the film the fact that it has little to no connective tissue other than the same character and similar events holds it back from its true greatness.

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