Game Night Review

The first big surprise of 2018 is here.

Damn. I'm shocked. This movie is actually really good. It's a slick and very fun action comedy with a very keen attention to detail. It's got great jokes, a really good one take action scene, and some really fun performances (especially Jesse Plemons). It might have a few wonky technical and story issues (especially some of the sound mixing) and tread familiar ground, but the whole movie is stylish and truly fun enough that those problems are easy to ignore.

The story isn't the most original one in the world. "Game Night" follows a group of friends as they engage in a game night to end all game nights. But things go awry and the ridiculous ensues. But as generic/boring as the may sound the film is quite the opposite. As the film skipped briskly along I found myself laughing (incredibly hard at times) and really enjoying the hijinks that the characters engaged in. While some of the characters may be underserved each still has something to do or some joke to contribute to the film. The movie knows what it is and never tries to overstep that, it's comfortable being an enjoyable and well-made comedy.

I'd also like to take a moment to just recognize Jesse Plemons in this film. Sure, everyone else is pretty good. But Plemons is so bizarre and creepily funny that I couldn't help but laugh every single time he was on screen. He steals the entire movie in the most hilarious and enjoyable movie. Even if you don't want to watch an enjoyable and stylish action comedy movie, watch this movie to see Plemons scene-stealing performance. [B+]

Al Pacino Rating:

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