Death Wish Review

Eli Roth, what in the everliving fuck were you thinking?

Death Wish 1.jpeg

Here it is, the most tone-deaf film I've seen. Ever. I'm not being hyperbolic or over-exaggerating either.  While Roth often deals is exploitative filmmaking this passes a clear line into reverence. But not of violence or heroism, those wouldn't be a problem. Rather this is all about guns. Guns, guns, guns. Every problem can be solved by a gun, while there may be tiny flickers of satire, most if not all is serious pandering and love for firearms and their "practicality" in our society.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the NRA directly funded this film as it feels like a feature-length advertisement for their platform. It comes off as aggressively preachy and out of touch with the current climate. Not only that, but it's just about the whitest movie I've ever seen. At one point a character opens their cookbook and instead of finding a recipe for Tres Leches cake it's labeled Three Milks cake. Add in a hearty dose of white savior vibes and you got yourself the tone and subject matter of "Death Wish."

It wouldn't be as terrible if any of it was at least entertaining. But the movie can't even manage that feat. It's a jumpy and jumbled mess that fumbles from plot point to plot point with no real meaning. Bruce Willies doesn't help anything as he brings his trademark "I could give a shit attitude about this movie, where's my paycheck?" to this film in full force. He doesn't care at all and just flops around with zero enthusiasm or energy for the entire film. You'd also think that a movie about guns would have at least a cool gunfight or two, but you can't apply logic to this film. It has lame and uninteresting shootouts that aren't remarkable in any single way.

This is just an astounding and offensive failure on every level. The only people who will come to out to see this are gun nuts who need to feel validated after the recent string of tragedies and in some ways that also makes this movie dangerous (I have verified this by looking at who was in the theater when I saw it). Avoid this movie at all costs and I'm going to try my hardest to purge it from my memory. [F]