Pacific Rim Uprising Review

Transformers + John Boyega = better? (no)

Pacific Rim 2.jpg

Pacific Rim uprising left me with only one question: Why is the movie about giant robots fighting other giant robots and monsters so damn boring? I seriously don't have that much to say about this one because it plays much like the first if you take out the heart and semi-coherent story. Uprising rushes through all of its already slapped together story to get to the robot fights that aren't even that great. There are a few cool moments in the fights and one overall good fight, but all in all, these don't match up to the original's fights. It's just a convoluted and forgettable entry into a dumb fun robot fighting series that didn't need convoluted or forgettable. That being said it still takes place in a world originally crafted by Guillermo Del Toro, so the design of the robots and the monsters is visually interesting.

But while most of the movie isn't anything I could recommend there is one shining light in the darkness that is this film. That shining light is John Boyega, who again proves that he can charm his way through anything. He applies his charisma in liberal doses to grand effect as he comes out of this movie entirely unscathed by its badness. He's just too damn enjoyable to ignore even if the rest of the film doesn't achieve that effect. But with even this bright spot there is a shadow, the rest of the cast is stilted and almost plastic. Especially the group of teenagers that the film expects us to believe are the badass Jaeger pilots when all they do is mess up. Whether they are getting injured, burning themselves, infighting, cursing each other out, or just being shitty in general. I'm honestly surprised that they were able to get into the Jaegers without tripping and dying.

What this all boils down to is a forgettable but harmless film that just reaffirms we should give every major franchise to John Boyega (but the good ones next time please). If your monster/robot fighting movie is boring then you are doing something wrong (and Uprising hasn't figured out that it is in fact boring). Instead of an improvement on the original, we are left with a soulless and convoluted disappointment. If this is the direction this franchise is taking, it might be better to keep it at the bottom of the ocean. [D]

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